2 Thessalonians Part 3 – The Man of Lawlessness – Part 2

Reverend Phil Simmonds


“In Part 2 of the “Man of Lawlessness”, God has provided not just Christians, but the World, with a future insight of what to expect in the ‘lead up’ to the revealing of the Man of Lawlessness, and what will subsequently happen in the latter stages of World history – before the Grand and Glorious Finale – the Lord’s 2nd coming! Whilst this can be understandably of concern and even frightening, Christian’s should never lose sight of the fact that no matter what happens in the World arena, God is in control – as 2 Thess.2:6-7 and Col.1:15-17 remind us – and most importantly, that God, in Christ, will not only enable all true believers to endure/persevere 2.Cor.4:8 – but will personally protect their saved souls 1 Pet.1:3-5.”