1 Thessalonians Part 4 – Christian Life and Death

Reverend Phil Simmonds


“In Chapter 4 of 1 Thessalonians, Paul moves on from encouragement to instruction in what many commentators describe as the “ethics” of Christian living – what Paul also refers to in Philippians l.2:12b as “continuing to work your salvation with fear and trembling!ā€ The focus being to live a life that increasingly seeks to please God in every aspect (Christ likeness). But Paul also moves onto qualify/ expand his previous instruction re: the Lord’s Return (Second Coming) – affirming that the saving work of Christ (His death and resurrection) extends beyond physical death into a guaranteed resurrected life with Christ. May all Christian’s be challenged to “continue to work out their salvation” to the glory of God in this life, and be encouraged by God’s promise of their resurrected life to come, in and through Jesus Christ”.