Malachi Part 8 – The Coming Messiah Foretold

Reverend Phil Simmonds


“The final chapter of Malachi – Chapter 4, speaks of the long awaited coming of the Messiah – Jesus, preceded by the coming of John the Baptist (referred to a s the Prophet Elijah). However, not many, especially in this day and age, would even think / realise that the celebrated “birth of Jesus” did in fact fulfill Malachi’s prophecy re an event that would also bring with it, the refiner’s fire of God’s judgment of sin! Thankfully, by God’s grace and mercy, Malachi’s prophecy also heralded the coming of the “sun of righteousness – Jesus, who would also bring the healing of salvation (for those who feared His Name) – both being achieved through Jesus’ birth and atoning sacrificial death on the Cross! Take some time out to think about what Jesus’ birth means to you? “