Malachi Part 5 – The God of Covenant Justice

Reverend Phil Simmonds


Another title for this Sunday’s message could have been “But who can endure the day of His coming?” Malachi 3 primarily refers to the long awaited birth of the Christ, but His coming would also bring God’s teaching, re how God’s Covenant people would live righteously and worship God The Father in a way acceptable to Him (Mal.3:4). Jesus’ teaching was to act, and still does act, like a “refiner’s fire”, challenging and correcting the sinful ways of the religious leaders and God’s people, eg. Sermon on the Mount, Matt.5 and the Seven Woes, Matt.23, God’s sanctifying messenger of the Covenant then, now, and in the future to come -finally as God’s Judge on the Final Day. Can you endure the Day of His coming, when ever that might be?”