The Repentant Prophet – Jonah Chapter 2

Pastor Garrett Edwards 

Pastor’s Thoughts

When you’d rather run away from Jesus than do what He says …
If you remember, when we visited in March/April, one of my sermons was on Jonah Chapter 1. As your new Pastor, I look forward to completing this little book with you.
In chapter one, we saw Jonah run from God, and so God stopped him in his tracks. Often, when we feel the Lord prompting us to do something, we might consider ignoring Him, or, as Jonah did, even run away! And time and again, when we choose to run away from Jesus, rather than obey Him, our conscience’s cry out, ‘I shouldn’t be doing this!’. If we ignore our conscience and continue on, Jonah’s story teaches us that God will step in and say, “Ok, then I’m going to do something” – and that ‘something’ is rarely comfortable.
If this happens, it’s important to remember that while God’s disciplinary actions may not be nice, they are meant to restore. Jonah found himself in a very odd place (which we’ll explore this Sunday) —but the belly of the fish was never where God intended him to stay. In God’s grace, it was a place of restoration, not a place of condemnation.
Obedience from the first is the best way, so may we have the strength and courage to do this. But when or if we do fail, if we are experiencing God’s corrections, may we be quick to turn and repent, and discover the beautiful wonder of God’s relentless grace once again.