The Flood

Today’s speaker : Elder Dr. Philip Dawson

Pastor’s Thoughts

Romans 5:8 reads: ‘but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’
As you have probably picked up by now, God’s grace is weighing on my heart at the moment, and I know, many of yours also. It captures us as Gospel people doesn’t it? Grace. There are many reasons why I would lay down my life for my wife and daughter. There is absolutely no reason why Jesus should lay down His life for us – except His relentless love and grace toward us!
This may sound severe, but it’s actually good news isn’t it? It means we have absolutely no pressure to try and make ourselves acceptable to Him. We didn’t have to, and those who don’t yet believe today, don’t have to either. Jesus has already accepted us on His own terms – which included dying and rising
again. The only thing we have to do is decide whether we will accept this grace or reject it.
This may or may not be your experience – I am speaking only for myself – I’ve observed that something seemed to happen after I’d been a believer for a while – I was tempted to forget this miracle of God’s grace and began to focus on, or become more aware of the sinfulness of others. But Jesus didn’t come for the righteous did He? There were none. He came for sinners – you and me, and those who don’t yet believe and are still content in their sin.
It’s interesting to note that the most holy person who ever lived was also the one sinners wanted to be around the most. How wonderful if this became our experience – that unbelievers would want to know us and hear from us!
How can we strive to be more like Jesus and continue to show His love and grace to our unbelieving friends, family and colleagues?
How can we be the most gracious of believers, and the most welcoming church to those who don’t yet know or follow Jesus?
May our awareness of God’s great grace grow. And may our awareness of sin simply lead us back to the cross, always back to Jesus.