Gods’ Patient Pursuit – Jonah Chapter 4

Pastors Garret Edwards

Pastors Thoughts

We’re closing up our series on Jonah this week.
I wonder, as we reflect on the story, what has struck you about God’s relentless grace?
If you haven’t done so already, please read the story of Jonah before Sunday. All of it, in one sitting. It will take less than 10 minutes. And consider the things Jonah may have learned about God and people and the miracle of grace.
The story of Jonah shows us, in dramatic fashion, that God’s care and concern – His purpose to save – extends to the whole world – even the Assyrian enemy that would soon destroy Israel. It reminds us that God’s grace is for everyone – and that it can be extremely surprising who responds to it.
With this in mind, who are three people in your life, who you interact with regularly, who would shock you if they said one day, that they’d become followers of Jesus? The Holy Spirit can do this. Perhaps it would be worth writing their names down today, and begin praying for them, if you aren’t already.
Maybe even look for opportunities to invite them to church, or Bible Study, or dinner.
Maybe we’ll be shocked by their response to the grace of Jesus.
In Christ,