1 Thessalonians Part 5 – Awaiting the Lord’s return Part 1 – 30th August 2020

Reverend Phil Simmonds


Hopefully, the promise of the Lord’s return, as specifically revealed by God in 1 Thessalonians Chapters 4 and 5, is taken as a “given”, and as a source of great comfort and encouragement by all Christians to-day. But sadly, some continue to literally “waste” their time trying to determine the date of the Lord’s return, despite Jesus Himself telling the World clearly that God The Father alone knows the appointed time of His return (Matthew 24:36)! Rather, all Christians should live out each day as if that day could be the day of the Lord’s return, and be found by Him living a life worthy of His calling – 1 Thessalonians.5:12-24; Ephesians .4:1-6 – should He come then?”

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